FabLab helps startup test product

Article by Alberte Bang, Aalto Studios

Mehta Heino is a start-up company under A Grid at Aalto University. Since 2015 the two students behind the company have been developing cost-effective 3D printers. In March FabLab got Mehta Heino latest printer for testing : “We needed real people to test our products, so we can keep making our machines better” explains Santosh Mehta.

Mehta Heino’s 3D printer is now available for everybody to try at the FabLab. Already within the first week, the printer was put to the test: “A student needed to print a large project which succeeded very well. We later learned that it was the first time the Mehta Heino printer, printed that big” explains the Lab Manager Krisjanis Rijnieks.

The Lab Manager got a lot of praise for Mehta Heino 3D printer that is situated side by side competing 3D printers in the basement lab at Otakaari 7: “Mehta Heino has really created a good product that are great for rapid prototyping”, Krisjanis Rijnieks explains.

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Published on April 09, 2019