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3D Printing Architectural Models

Unlocking the possibilities for architectures

With our Re-Engineered Extruder / Feeder System, it can extrude (feed) most of the fdm materials accurately eg. from hard to soft (PLA, Flexible (TPU), Carbon-Fiber, etc). Also, it allows you to adjust the tension for the different types of materials.  Examples for an architect project – Textura material (Biobased PLA with plant fibers) are recommended that provide stunning looking 3D-prints and fiber in it help to hide the layer line, and it gives paper-like unique surface finish. PLA and other materials can also be used as per project requirements.

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Product feedback

Riihimäki Prison (RISE)

"We have be using MHI3D printers for more that 2 years in Riihimäki Prison and we have been very pleased with the printer Mikko Martiainen Hyria Education Ltd. Teacher of engineerng and production technology" Mikko Martikainen Hyria Education Ltd. Teacher of engineering and production technology

Design as a service


" HEFIO develops a new generation individualized headphone calibration technology.. " Mehta Heino helped HEFIO to re-design and print the parts needed for the self-calibrating headphones

Product feedback


" Mehta Heino has really created a good product that are great for rapid prototyping "Krisjanis Rijnieks, Fab Lab manager Aalto university’s open-access digital fabrication lab

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Our offering

In addition to manufacturing and selling 3D printers, Mehta Heino also offers design as a service concept.

It is a perfect fit for companies who wish to create new products, improve the current ones or increase efficiency in their production processes.

The concept has already created many successful collaborations.

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