Evolution of the MHI3D Printer: 2016-2017 Developments

Petri Heino (CTO) and our 1st prototype (3D Printer) are in the picture.

During the years 2016-2017, we made significant progress in the development of the MHI3D Printer, achieving the following advancements:

  1. Enhanced 3D Printing Bed Mechanism.
  2. User-friendly nozzle replacement system.
  3. Independently developed feeder system.
  4. Elimination of user adjustments.
  5. Improved screen user interface and usability.
  6. Enhanced reliability, repeatability, and rigidity.

These innovations laid the foundation for further improvements in the subsequent model, the MHI3D Printer 2019.

Picture description: In the image, taken on January 25, 2016, at Urban Mill, founders Petri and Santosh can be seen engrossed in sketching and brainstorming design ideas. Petri Heino is featured in the photograph.

Published on March 2, 2019 [Late Post]