About Us

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Mehta Heino Industries

Mehta Heino Industries Oy was founded in 2015 with the aim to develop new, cost-effective and easy-to-use 3D printers, together with an excellent user experience. We believe that 3D Printing is a tool that can be used everywhere by everyone.

The company’s first product

MANU Easy 3D Printer (formerly MHI3D Printer) is a 3D printer based on new solutions developed by us, based on existing FFF/FDM technology. Learning to use MHI3D Printer takes only few minutes and it saves machine users time and effort with industrial level build quality and no daily adjustments needed.

The machine’s high-end technical solutions helps to solve 3D printing problems faced with average priced desktop 3D Printers  (such as bed levelling & nozzle calibration). MHI3D Printer combines reliable industrial 3D Printing experience with easy to use, affordable technology that fits on the desktop. It creates a new era of high-quality desktop-sized 3D-printing for filament-based 3D Printer machines

For your application, MHI3D Printer saves time and effort and enables you to focus on ideas, design and utilisation of parts time and again. 

Our printers helps to keep project costs affordable and bridges desktop-manufacturing to industrial level 3D printers. It’s the perfect fit for repeating commercial work or for accurate prototyping parts.

For example, MHI3D Printer can be used to quickly build prototypes and test ideas immediately in product development. It is able to make small series production without difficulty test R&D parts on a small scale faster than ever before. The parts produced by the machine are interchangeable, accurate and constant quality.

Manufacturing of the machine is done in Finland.

The machine is manufactured with the most accurate quality requirements, with a high precision CNC machined aluminium frame. It’s delivered with full factory calibrations that are built to last.

Solid foundation: The MHI3D Printer is built on one of the most reliable frames found on the current market. This enables it to print faster and more accurate than the existing machines while still keeping the costs affordable. The machine is easy to maintain and does not require adjustments or calibration at all. 

The machine builds on carefully selected precision components and has free of adjustments easy to replace printing platform mechanism (Patent has been filed), and user replaceable self positioning nozzle system and overall build quality to match available industrial machines.

The team — the people behind

Santosh Mehta

CEO & Co-Founder

Santosh hailing from Nepal, learned the ropes of production processes and business from his father who established on of the first rice processing factories in Nepal.

In 2013, Santosh came to Finland to study mechanical engineering in HAMK University of Applied Sciences. Quickly, in 2014 Santosh landed a job in CNC Systems Finland to work as a assistant. There he sharpened his teeth in the industrial engineering area. He left with a high level of understanding in manufacturing.


Petri Heino

CTO & Co-Founder

Petri, a native Finn, comes from a small town in Finland close to the city of Nokia (yes, that Nokia!). Petri’s strengths are in the R&D and he excels in testing and prototyping.

While completing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Aalto University, Petri spent time at the Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory. There he learnt about 3D printing, design engineering and fabrication alongside some of Finland’s best minds.