Recreation Day — Team Event

Mehta Heino – The first Team event

The event was held in our new factory room at Otaniemi office on August 1, 2020. The extension now doubles the space of our facilities and made it possible to gather together with a larger group, so that we could follow corona distances. The new space also makes it possible to do the assembly work at an industrial level in the future.

The day started with a luxurious breakfast. Kirsi and Manabi enjoying.

Santosh gave us a short history of the company’s past and thanked everybody who had been involved in the hard work of making the company flourish. Santosh also enlightened the future plans and gave us a clear picture of what is to be expected. Then everyone gave a short introduction of themselves, since during the years the project has involved many people who hadn’t seen each other before.

After introductions it was time for lunch. While waiting for lunch to arrive we had time to make some toasting for a prosperous future.

Santosh sharing the company vision. Yuri introducing himself. Others listening. Petri sharing his story.

Mehta Heino Group Photo (from Left to Right): Rohan Krishna Kumar, Yuri Tregubov, Kim Fallström, Petri Heino, Leigh Ewin, Santosh Mehta, Bhim Lama, Manabi Poudel, Kirsi Kannisto, Micke Esselström, Justus Raistakka & Maksim Gorbachev (camera person).

After a delicious lunch (this time Indian, thank you Curryleaf!) It was time to enjoy recreational things like mini billiards, ping pong and table football among others. Old friends and new friend meetings made the day an inspiring and enjoyable experience.

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Published on: September 03, 2020
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