OBC Polyethylene

OBC Polyethylene

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  • Low water pickup, not affected by humidity
  • Extreme layer strength
  • Perfect for living hinges, (fatigue resistant)

Add North’s OBC Polyethylene is an engineering grade filament that lets you print lightweight, chemical resistant and extremely durable parts. One popular use case is various sorts of containers with living hinges, thanks to the materials excellent fatigue resistance. OBC Polyethylene is a suitable filament for many applications that requires extreme durability and layer adhesion. The printed surface is very smooth to the touch and provides good looking parts.

As the first polyethylene-based build material for 3D printing, this breakthrough high performance filament brings polyolefin properties to 3D printing, without the issues commonly associated with printing polypropylene. Its semi-crystalline structure enables excellent z-axis properties in printed parts and its outstanding chemical resistance enables new 3D printing applications.

For additional printing advice, check out our cheat sheets for recommended slicer settings in Cura, Simplify 3D and PrusaSlicer.

OBC Polyethylene, together with all our other filaments, are made in Sweden and have a diameter tolerance of ±0.025mm.

OBC Polyethylene is available in 700g spools sizes in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter.

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Diameter tolerance ±0.025mm
Spool size 200 x 52 x 41 mm (<=500 g)
200 x 52 x 53 mm (750 g)
200 x 52 x 67 mm (1000 g)
300 x 51.5 x 103 mm (2300 g)
350 x 52 x 101 mm (5000 g)
355 x 36 x 167 mm (8000g)
Weight filament 700g
Weight empty spool 175 g (<=500 g)
207 g (750 g)
238 g (1000 g)
600 g (2300 g)
780 g (5000 g)
1030 g (8000g)
Bed temperature 0 – 100 °C
No BPH Yes
Density 0.905
Print temperature 160-200 °C
Recyclable Yes
Silicone free Yes
UV resistance Medium
Wear resistance High
Chemical resistance High
Weight N/A

Natural, Black






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