Team Building – Strengthening

From left to right in the pictures: San Vo, Santosh Mehta, Petri Heino

Team Building – Strengthening
Together we’re stronger.

San Vo has joined as a Product Engineer and has been studying Mechanical Engineering, Master’s Degree at Aalto University. In the past, he has worked on automation solutions for Airbags. In our internal hiring process, he has passed task 1 and task 2… and now he is on the board.

As the 1st project we are working on a Material Station where filaments can be loaded automatically and will pause if it runs out of filaments, gets tangled, etc.

Feel free to suggest your opinions or ideas, feedback on what kind of features you would like to have. We have a Community Forum Site – please join and feel free to suggest or contribute to revolutionizing the 3d printing industry.

Your feedback / discussion on the project would be very appreciated. Forum site link:

For this, I would like to thank Liina Lehtonen and Maija Löyskä for Aaltoes connections ????

Thanks to Sameer Pokharel for the Blog Post as well –

Thanks to Petri Heino as well ????

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Published on: January 01, 2023